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Ajanta Public Relations is the organisation, which has been extending PR and marketing services in the sectors of education, medicine and politics successfully for one and a half decades. Under the leadership of GBK Murthy the organization of Ajanta Public Relations operates its services utilizing the expertise of extensively experienced experts in the fields of journalism, marketing and public relations with Hyderabad as its centre of activity.

GBK Murthy

 Mr.G.B.K.Murthy is one of the few experts, who have obtained  abundant experience in PR sector in India. He has carved a niche for himself as an author, journalist and PR Consultant and has expanded his  services to Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu,Karnataka,Telangana and Orissa in India and to Dallas and Philadelphia in the U.S.A.Above all, he has rendered PR services to the representatives of political parties, colleges, business establishments, hospitals and charitable institutions in both Telugu-speaking states.

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