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Public Relations

Nowadays the mobile phone has become one of the needs of home along with a television set in all cities, towns and villages. Now we find the world of commodities at our door step. We can have all things at our disposal using the mobile set in our hand. We can the things we wish to own, purchase and eat and we can go wherever we like by holding a mobile in the hand. There are a plenty of choices available to us. We entertain the doubts concerning certain services. The strategies and maneuvers of business organizations revolve around these choices.

Ajantha Public relations is one of the best PR agencies in Hyderabad. We offer traditional PR & media outreach, digital marketing, web designing, social media marketing strategy & online visibility, and special events PR. We help our clients to create content and communicate their stories effectively to gain maximum exposure and generate Leads.

We face the critical problems on account of the pandemic of Corona. Our traditional marketing has come to a standstill as a result of inevitable rest emanating from lockdowns. 

The street marketing involving hoardings, banners, lollipops, flyers and posters and print media are under the shade of Corona.

The First Wave and the Second Wave of Corona have affected 140 crore-population of our country in several ways.

The science cannot determine how long the vaccine can be effective. We cannot predetermine how long traditional marketing will take for adopting emerging trends in business to keep pace with time.

All business establishments and service sectors have kept traditional marketing aside and undertook digital marketing to be within the reach of the customer. Digital marketing is gaining more profits at a small expenditure earning the trust of customers at great places.

Mixing some tools of traditional marketing with the tools of digital marketing our Ajantha Public Relations Agency  is acting as a bridge between the people and the business organizations.


Our  Ajantha Public Relations Agency  has been organizing PR and traditional marketing in addition to digital marketing under the supervision of exceptionally experienced experts for two decades.


   Do you wish to expand your business through digital marketing during these times when people are watching the world of commodities, all comforts, luxuries and services?


Are you thinking of enhancing your income?


Are you in need of the strategies of digital marketing for the promotion of your business? Do you intend to get demand and good value for your products and services?


Are you thinking of getting a website and a video prepared  with good content?


   Come to us for our assistance. Our Ajantha Public Relations Agency  provides clarifications to your doubts and responses to your questions and shows you the right path with new thoughts at each halt acting as a tool to guide your steps in your successful journey.

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